[Pharo-dev] Deploying using the latest minimal image of Pharo (6.1)

despotadesdibujau despotadesdibujau at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 16:13:34 EST 2017

>Hi Gabriel

>This is cool.
>Thanks for sharing it with us.
>I really want an object responsible for deploying an app. :)
>Your effort is nice in that directory. Keep pushing


Maxi Tabacman suggests me to reify the deployment process. 
I thought of something like to get up a minimal image from inside the
development image, then to start the deployment process from the development
I suppose that I would need to use Espell Object Spaces (Guillermo Polito),
but in this case, I would need a special virtual machine (Oz Virtual
Machine)... Something like Tornado, but not using the "Run Fail Grow"
approach, but using a BaselineOf or ConfigurationOf approach.
Another idea (simpler than the idea above) is to communicate the two images
using Teapot or Sockets: The Development image sends orders to the minimal
image until it becomes on the deployment image. 

For the moment I need to test the process (on Pharo 6 and 7) using more
complex applications until it becomes a reliable process.


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