[Pharo-dev] Deploying using the latest minimal image of Pharo (6.1)

despotadesdibujau despotadesdibujau at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 13:05:21 EST 2017

Sven Van Caekenberghe-2 wrote
> Great work, Gabriel, thanks for sharing. I have yet to look at what you
> did in detail, but what is your pending issue exactly, because I don't
> understand "the staless image". Could you elaborate ?
> Sven

Ja!, I wanted to say "stateless":eliminate the possibility of modify the
state of the image once it is in production.
That I did was  downloaded the minimal image of Pharo, I faced with some
issues to load my application using filetree or github. 
I found the solution just loading through Monticello the missing dependecies
that Metacello  needed to use filetree and github repositories.
I delivered an application to a final user just using the minimal image and
it is working.
My idea is to prepare a minimal image with every tool for load
code:Monticello,Metacello suporting all types of repositories
(filetree,github,gitbucket, gitlab,...etc),...etc.
Then, when my application is loaded, unload those tools and disable the
command line handlers (if is posible), and eliminate all unnecessary files
like changes and sources ( thank you


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