[Pharo-dev] [Debugger] Is "run to here" broken?

Thomas Dupriez thomas.dupriez at ens-paris-saclay.fr
Mon Nov 13 07:40:54 EST 2017

I dug a bit in this issue. Here are the results:

# Problem raised by Stephanne
Code like the following is open in the debugger:

         1+1. <PROGRAMCOUNTER>
         MyClass new myEvalBlock: [
             2+2. <CURSOR>

The program counter is on the 1+1, the cursor is at the end of the 2+2 line.
Right-click, "Run to here".
-> the program counter moves to the 3+3, and does not stop at the 2+2 
(where the cursor is). Even though the 2+2 does get evaluated (the 
myEvalBlock method evaluates the blocks it receives).
If there was no code after the block, the debugger would jump back to 
the caller of myMethod.

# Why this happens
The implementation of RunToHere (source code below) is basically to 
stepOver until the context is different or the source code position of 
the program counter is higher or equal to the source code position of 
the cursor/selection.

Since the debugger uses stepOver, it executes myEvalBlock without 
stopping, reaches the 3+3 and see it has gone further than the source 
code position of the cursorm so it stops.

Source code of DebugSession>>#runToSelection:inContext:

     `runToSelection: selectionInterval inContext: aContext
         "Attempt to step over instructions in selectedContext until the
         execution reaches the selected instruction. This happens when the
         program counter passes the begining of selectionInterval.

         A not nill and valid interval is expected."

         (self pcRangeForContext: aContext) first >= selectionInterval 
             ifTrue: [ ^self ].
         self stepOver: aContext.
         [ aContext == self interruptedContext and: [ (self 
pcRangeForContext: aContext) first < selectionInterval first ] ]
             whileTrue: [ self stepOver: aContext ]`

# Observations and thoughts
- Replacing the stepOver with a stepInto -> This made the RunToHere 
stops when resolving the 'new' message (because the context changes).

- Replacing the stepOver with stepInto and removing the equal condition 
on contexts -> The RunToHere goes to the 3+3. Looking at the source code 
position of the program counter, it doesn't enter the block and seems to 
resolve it in a single step. I don't really get why that is, considering 
using the stepInto button of the debugger does enter the block. Here is 
the series of source code positions of the program counter during the 
RunToHere: (21 to: 22)(34 to: 36)(34 to: 36)(49 to: 60)(38 to: 60)(38 
to: 60)(65 to: 66).
However, removing the equal condition on contexts means that if the 
method call returns before reaching the cursor, it won't stop!

- An idea could be to have the RunToHere place a metalink on the 
selected node and let the execution run until it hits the metalink, 
which then updates the debugger. Potential problems are that it implies 
installing a metalink on a method that is already on the stack, which 
may not be that easy to do properly (in particular, it affects the 
program counter since it changes the bytecode), and there is the 
potential case where the metalink is never reached (for example imagine 
the myEvalBlock: method of my example is just storing the block and not 
evaluating it).


Le 09/11/2017 à 22:06, Stephane Ducasse a écrit :
> Agreed. Thomas? It would be a good bone to ... (Un bon os a ronger) .
> Stef
> On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 4:32 AM, Tudor Girba <tudor at tudorgirba.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The basic tools, such as debugger, are expected to work. If something does not work, it’s a bug.
>> Cheers,
>> Doru
>>> On Nov 8, 2017, at 11:59 PM, Tim Mackinnon <tim at testit.works> wrote:
>>> I think it's broken in Pharo 6 too, as I often find it unreliable.
>>> It's hard to know what should work anymore - we really need a stabilisation release to let the dust settle.
>>> I'm always a bit reticent to report things as I'm not sure what you expect to work.
>>> Tim
>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>>> On 8 Nov 2017, at 20:40, Stephane Ducasse <stepharo.self at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> I have the following method and I have my cursor -MY CURSOR HERE-
>>>> I select the menu run to here and .... I exit the method.
>>>> :(
>>>> Is run to here working in Pharo 70?
>>>> I start to get worry about the number of bugs I get when using Pharo70.
>>>> Stef
>>>> fileOut
>>>> "File out the receiver, to a file whose name is a function of the
>>>> change-set name and a unique numeric tag."
>>>> | nameToUse |
>>>> self halt.
>>>> self class promptForDefaultChangeSetDirectoryIfNecessary.
>>>> nameToUse := (self defaultChangeSetDirectory / self name , 'cs')
>>>> nextVersion basename.
>>>> UIManager default
>>>> showWaitCursorWhile:
>>>> [
>>>> | internalStream |
>>>> internalStream := (String new: 10000) writeStream.
>>>> internalStream
>>>> header;
>>>> timeStamp.
>>>> self fileOutPreambleOn: internalStream.
>>>> self fileOutOn: internalStream.
>>>> self fileOutPostscriptOn: internalStream.
>>>> CodeExporter
>>>> writeSourceCodeFrom: internalStream
>>>> baseName: (nameToUse copyFrom: 1 to: nameToUse size - 3)
>>>> isSt: false ]
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