[Pharo-dev] You can cheat in FFI as long as you don't get caught...

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Wed Nov 8 17:06:20 EST 2017

I was trying to inquire about my latest vm crash in libgit2


when I found this bizarre prototype:

^ self
            #(LGitReturnCodeEnum git_diff_tree_to_tree #(LGitDiff * diff ,
LGitRepository repo , LGitTree old_tree , LGitTree new_tree ,
LGitDiffOptions * opts))
        options: #()

While the libgit2 signature differs in indirection levels:

int git_diff_tree_to_tree(git_diff_list **diff, git_repository *repo,
git_tree *old_tree, git_tree *new_tree, const git_diff_options *opts);

The fact that it does not differs for opts, made me think of a bug...
But no.

opts is allocated on external c heap with:

callUnchecked: #(LGitReturnCodeEnum git_diff_init_options(LGitDiffOptions *
self, LGitOptionsVersionsEnum version))

int git_diff_init_options(git_diff_options *opts, unsigned int version);

What you see this time is that signatures match...
So the LGitDiffOptions handle will be an ExternalAddress that will really
point on a git_diff_options
In other words, the handle is a git_diff_options *...
IOW, our LGitDiffOptions object points to an external it_diff_options so it
is what it promises to be.

For the other structures not so.
We are lying on the level of indirection, so our LGitTree handle are not
really a git_tree *. They are a git_tree **. (an ExternalAddress on a

As long as we lie consistently, it's OK, because it avoids too much
packToArity: unpackToArity: dance.

That's the "beauty" of C pointers.
We can cast them to whatever or pretend they are handle_for_anything * in
the intermediate level, as long as original producer and final consumer
agree on what it really points to.

But from code quality perspective, it really stinks. Anyone like me opening
a page to get the exact signature of the function will be scratching head
and loose precious time. Especially when tracking vm crash down.

I'm not sure how well it's documented, I presume it's a well known
conscious hack from the original developpers, but such practice really
ought to be discussed here.
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