[Pharo-dev] [IMPORTANT] Is there a bug in Tonel with category:

Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemtalksystems.com
Mon Nov 6 09:43:19 EST 2017

...also note that I have seen a number of baselines where symbols are 
used in places where Strings are required ... of course with Pharo's 
implementation of Symbol it is not practical to use asString nor type 
checks - things that are not necessary in other Smalltalk 
implementations ... In Metacello the only "legal" place to use a Symbol 
is for a symbolic version ...

Of course this is really only an issue for cross platform projects and 
the issue shows up as a problem real fast ... it's just painful for the 
uninitiated to debug ...


On 11/6/17 1:51 AM, stephan wrote:
> On 05-11-17 22:05, Stephane Ducasse wrote:
>> I was working in cleaning the users of asLayoutFrame and when I 
>> commit I see
>> - #category : 'Morphic-Base-Layouts'
>> + #category : #Morphic-Base-Layouts
>> but #category : #Morphic-Base-Layouts
>> is not a valid symbol.
> In Metacello we use the quoted symbol form exactly because different 
> smalltalks have different ideas of what a valid symbol is.
> Stephan

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