[Pharo-dev] How to update currently used VM for PharoLauncher?

stephan stephan at stack.nl
Sun Nov 5 07:20:35 EST 2017

On 04-11-17 20:29, Christophe Demarey wrote:
> It makes sense only for the development image but it could be a nice
> option to add to the launcher. Do you think it will be used?

I have a personal need for it, but that should of course not be the 
determining factor. I see several scenario's for this:

- A 'normal' user notices a problem, that gets fixed in a development 
vm. She needs to test and use it, is probably not interested in 
following all other new development vms, and ideally should switch as 
soon as possible to using a newer stable vm again. Supporting the 
automatic switch to a newer stable vm makes sense for us to avoid having 
too many new users using the unstable versions. It might be useful to 
make that decision for an individual image, when other projects are not 
affected by the issue. So here there would be two choices: I want to 
download a latest (or version) vm and automatically upgrade to a newer 
stable when that arrives, and I want to use that for only this image or 
for all fitting images.

- At the moment I'm running into a lot of the current vm issues. I have 
some production images that should be using stable, but in my 
development I want to just use the latest vm that managed to get green 
tests :) Nearly all new versions are improvements, but once in a while 
there are changes that need to be reverted. So there I just want to 
check before starting an image if there is a new vm I can use, and will 
just ignore that once in a while there is a broken one.


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