[Pharo-dev] Abstract test classes are not managed well in SUnit

Cyril Ferlicot D. cyril.ferlicot at gmail.com
Sun Jun 4 15:26:50 EDT 2017

Le 04/06/2017 à 18:20, Eliot Miranda a écrit :
> Hi Cyril,

Hi Eliot,

> As Minty points out, this unintuitive behaviour exists fur a reason and there is a work around.  
> SUnit is a community wide package existing in all the dialects of Smalltalk I'm aware of.  If you change the semantics then every time a test suite is exchanged it will need to be rewritten, and by someone who understands the divergence, otherwise the test suite won't work as intended.
> Is is worth diverging from a community wide standard when there is a rationale for the design and there is a work around?

When I discovered this behaviour I was really surprised by it.
(apparently I am not the only one) And if I did not checked the number
of tests I think I would have never know that my tests are not executed
in all the hierarchy.

Also, abstract tests classes is something I use a lot since I am in the
community. Now I know that I'll need to change many of the projects I
contributed to in order to activate all the tests I wanted. And I think
a lot of newcomers will not know this behaviour because it is counter
intuitive. IMO, it goes against the principle of inheritance.

> Is it puss bow to seek a wider consensus and see what e.g. the VisualWorks, VisualAge and GemStone communities think?

For this problem I would like to see all the smalltalks using SUnit
change this behaviour. I really do not want to break compatibility and I
think this change is important for the usability of SUnit. I don't have
much contact with other smalltalk communities but I would be happy if we
can seek a consensus.

If you have an idea of the best way to communicate with all the
communities on this subject I would like to hear it.

> Is it possible that better documenting the work around would be better?

Personally I think that even with a good documentation, this is not the
kind of thing everyone will remember. But this is only my opinion. :)

> _,,,^..^,,,_ (phone)

Cyril Ferlicot

2 rue Jacques Prévert 01,
59650 Villeneuve d'ascq France

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