[Pharo-dev] Initial Feedback on Pharo 7 contribution process

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Fri Aug 18 09:40:13 EDT 2017


first: thanks you Guille for answering my questions and providing more documentation
on your wiki. 

Guille also cared yesterday on addressing the build number problem:

Big thanks!

Meanwhile I wrote a small "contribution" tool which I can have as an in-image utility 
that will help me (and maybe others too) with some necessary steps.

It's a customized help topic together with some code using an external
"git" command (because using the command line is tedious)

Maybe some of you may want to try it. To load you need:

  Gofer it     
    smalltalkhubUser: 'TorstenBergmann' project: 'Contribution';
    package: 'Contribution-Tool';

and then

  #CTPHelpTopic asClass open

It should explain some of the steps necessary to contribute similar to Guilles 
wiki page but right from the image. It works best when you have the "WebBrowser" 
package loaded from catalog before as then the links really open a webbrowser.

Attached is a screenshot.

There is also an additional tool ("CPTCloneTool run") inside of this package to

 - clone the #development branch from your custom fork of the pharo project
   into a subdirectory "contribute/pharo-gitusername" of your image directory

 - set ttps://github.com/pharo-project/pharo.git automatically as "upstream" remote
 - it also adds this local directory to the Iceberg "pharo" repo and enables
   the setting to show the system repositories 

 - and finally opens Iceberg browser

For simplicity it for now uses system: calls with the git command. 

So if you use this tool in a clean and fresh image it should bring you
to the point where you can start coding your change and then create a 
branch for the bug number using Iceberg.

Use it at your own risk:
For me it works on Ubuntu, I was able to contribute with this. Have not tried on Mac.
Unfortunately this still crashes the VM on Windows due to a new Iceberg 
issue (https://github.com/pharo-vcs/iceberg/issues/438) that need to be fixed.

The repo on STHub is open - so if you want to extend it feel free to do so.


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