[Pharo-dev] OmSessionStore and SnapshotDone event (was: saving an image on windows and opening it on mac problems)

Martin Dias tinchodias at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 11:26:43 EDT 2017

El 26/4/2017 12:22, "Andrei Chis" <chisvasileandrei at gmail.com> escribió:


OmSessionStore registers an action (OmSessionStore>>#store) when the
event SnapshotDone is triggered.
However this event is triggered immediately when an image is opened after
being saved, before the file system was reset.
This means that OmSessionStore>>#store is called before the file system is
Hence, if you save an image on windows and open it on mac you run into
issues as OmSessionStore>>#store performs file operations that will work
with a WindowsStore instead of a MacStore.

Does OmSessionStore need to register to SnapshotDone events?
When the image is opened OmSessionStore>>#store will be called anyway as
OmSessionStore registers a start-up action.

#store doesn' t need to be done twice. I can see it tonight.


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