[Pharo-dev] [ANN] Pharo Astares Distribution

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Tue May 3 16:01:26 EDT 2016


I summarized some of the goodies that I wrote like
 - DesktopManager
 - QuickAccess
 - HubCap
 - WebBrowser
 - MessageFlowBrowser
 - ...

into an own kind of Pharo distribution that I call AstaresDistribution.
So if you already use these goodies it is easier to load quickly into a fresh image.

You can load directly from Catalog or by opening Spooter, enter "Astares" 
and hit ENTER to load.

Alternatively you can download a prebuilt image using PharoLauncher from
"Pharo Contributions Jenkins" -> "AstaresDistribution" or directly from [1].

Screenshot attached.

Have fun
[1] https://ci.inria.fr/pharo-contribution/job/AstaresDistribution
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