[Pharo-dev] Call about Numerical Methods in Pharo :)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Sun Mar 6 09:05:14 EST 2016

It is understandable that over time an own identity for Pharo is helpful (especially 
because of the bad Smalltalk marketing, failures of commercial vendors in the past, ...).
But also no one can not deny/hide the original roots of Pharo: the primary foundations 
with pure objects all the way down and messages and concepts just plain Smalltalk. 
Same for the basic class hierarchy, ... 

So this discussion is useless, especially because Pharo still lacks many of the 
features a portable, integratable environment should have (and that Smalltalk 
failed to deliver, at least in a common way). We should not confuse wishes/dreams 
with existing state of the technology and facts.

Also why discuss about this now again? Did we discuss about renaming SUnit into PUnit? No.
This just burns our cycles.

For the marketing part there is a primary question to be answered: what are the 
(business) problems Pharo can solve. At least if we want Pharo to be commercially 
viable and get money (not only our own) into the community. 
This is the part that was answered by other languages and technologies so far and 
the simple reason why they are used: even when they are ugly they solve a problem. 

If there is a rename I would suggest to rename "SciSmalltalk" into "Polymath".    
 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymath
 - it can be applied to many subject areas
 - would be related to Math and science
 - would also have a "P" like Pharo in the name
 - Da Vinci was a polymath person, as well as Imhotep :)


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