[Pharo-dev] Playground and text evaluation printing result default.

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Fri Jun 10 16:49:57 EDT 2016


> On Jun 10, 2016, at 8:48 AM, stepharo <stepharo at free.fr> wrote:
>>>> Hi Stef,
>>>> Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the long email, but I you raised several issues and I thought it is worth addressing them.
>>>> The feature we are talking about came into being after several suggestions on this mailing list (and quite some long discussions) that had the scenario of keeping track of several executions. In the first version of the Playground it was not possible to paste directly in the playground. We did not impose anything, it was the contrary.
>>> and the result is that I can spend time removing spurrious comments.
>>>> From your email I see that you would rather prefer the variant of embedding the text as is after pressing Enter. Is this correct?
>>>> Here is another variant:
>>>> - Cmd+p
>>>> - Cmd+v ==> paste the string directly in the editor without comments
>>> why not.
>>> but this is confusing with copy paste.
>>> So will you corrupt the current selection.
>> Hmm. I do not see this one, so I need a bit more explanations. Here is what I understand:
>> - in the old editor, the behavior was that when you pressed Cmd+p, the printed text got selected
>> - in my proposal, you press Cmd+p,Cmd+v and you get exactly the same text selected.
> We should stop to have this emacs plague.
> And I can have something in my paste buffer and printing should not remove it.
> 'KJHJKKJ' cmd C
> cmd v ->  'KJHJKKJ'
> 1+3 cmd p should not destroy nor paste ‘KJHJKKJ'

I think you misunderstood. I meant:
Cmd+p ==> the print-it popup
Cmd+v ==> add the print-it text in the original text editor

So, the second step is a pseudo-mode with a visual feedback, not like in Emacs.

So, Cmd+v would leave the clipboard untouched, and ‘KJHJKKJ’ would still remain there.

But, perhaps Cmd+v is too much of an overlap.

>> Did I misunderstand something?
>> One note: Cmd+v would not imply copying to the clipboard.
>>> So should I trade copy/paste with getting a value printed.
>>> May be cmd+r for raw
>> This is tempting. How about Cmd+Shift+p (force print-it)?
> Please consider that shift does not exist.
> It forces thumb to do a bad gymnastic and for me it simply ***hurt*** physically so I never use bindings in Spotter with shift since
> I want to make sure that I can continue to type on a keyboard.
>> This brings us to the cmd+shift issue. I wanted to ask for a longer time how do you press Cmd+Shift+n for references? Is there a difference in how you use the keyboard in that case? Please note that I am not mocking you. I want to know.
> left thumb (finder 1) on cmd
> left finger 4 on shift and right finger 2
> This position does not hurt but is not confortable because lock upper case is just above.

Interesting. I am doing the same. So, what is the difference between this case and:
left thumb (finder 1) on cmd
left finger 4 on shift and right finger 2
right finger 4 or 5 on arrows

>>>> ...
>>>> This discussion is one of those. We wanted to solve the most often appearing case in which we use Cmd+p as a way to preview quickly the result. Pasting the code in the existing playground is an edge case for Cmd+p, not the primary case.
>>> how did you measure it?
>>> Because for me this is always the inverse.
>> I watched people deleting the printed code so many times, including me that this became frustrating enough to trigger a new solution. Then when we released the playground 2 years ago, people liked it and they only announced the need for a way to keep track of execution results.
> I know.  Now remember the dancing bear and the woman that was asked to try a new keyboard and that was sad that she could not adapt.
>>>>> ...
>>>> Let’s do a remote session and I watch you do things. This week I am available this Thursday morning or Friday after 11.
>>> I'm not available. Going to hard rock concert with teenagers.
>> Have fun :). How about next week on Monday?
> I could around 16h

Great. I booked it in my calendar.


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