[Pharo-dev] Launcher 0.2.9 opens Spur images

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at inria.fr
Thu Jan 14 12:18:56 EST 2016

Hi list,

thanks to the awesome work of Vincent Blondeau, Stephan Eggermont and
Cyril Ferlicot, Pharo Launcher 0.2.9 can be configured to open both spur
and pre-spur Pharo images.

You can download this version from

You can safely replace your existing Launcher installation with the new
one. Your images won't be affected and you will still be able to launch

The VM coming with these builds is a pre-spur VM because Launcher is
based on Pharo 4. If you want to launch Pharo 5 spur images, you need to
separately download a Pharo 5 Spur VM from http://get.pharo.org/vm50 and
configure the location of this VM in the Launcher settings (icon at the
bottom left of the Launcher window).

What I like about this release is that I didn't do anything but changing
the version number in https://ci.inria.fr/pharo/view/all/job/Launcher :-).

Damien Cassou

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without
losing enthusiasm." --Winston Churchill

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