[Pharo-dev] News about FastTable

Thierry Goubier thierry.goubier at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 00:35:44 EST 2015

Le 19/11/2015 23:34, Stephan Eggermont a écrit :
> On 19/11/15 16:27, Thierry Goubier wrote:
>> I have a very clear idea of how complex that feature you are asking for
>> is to implement properly in the general case and I won't consider
>> implementing it if there is no strong justification for it.
> In Cocoa this is delegated behaviour. The Macintosh Finder just loses
> selection in the subtree when closing its parent. Somewhere I've seen
> the described behaviour, I think in an installer somewhere, could be an
> Adobe product.

The selection announcements of FT would allow the model to implement that.

I think it would be bizarre to see it working with drag and drop: it 
would either make hidden items reappear when starting the drag (selected 
items in a closed subtree), or drag partially selected items.

Now, what I'd like on drag and drop is: automatic expand after a timeout 
hovering over a node, and automatic scrollbar up and down when dragging 
over the top / the bottom of the tree :)


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