[Pharo-dev] last opened window does not go away

Andrei Chis chisvasileandrei at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 09:22:33 EST 2015


In the latest Pharo image there is a rogue instance of GLMSystemWindow.
If I do in the console the following code I get one instance:

/pharo Pharo.image eval "GLMSystemWindow allInstances"
an Array(a GLMSystemWindow(58720256))

There are actually two windows, but one is RubFindReplaceDialogWindow and
it should have no link with the glamour window.

./pharo Pharo.image eval "SystemWindow allSubInstances"
an OrderedCollection(a RubFindReplaceDialogWindow(534511616) a

If I create another window that contains a morph that can take the focus
then the glamour window disappears and the new window stays:

./pharo Pharo.image eval "(PluggableTextMorph on: ' ' text: nil accept:
nil)  openInWindow close. Smalltalk garbageCollect. SystemWindow
an OrderedCollection(a SystemWindow(234094592) an

Any idea if the find-replace service from rubric/textmorph holds one
somehow to the last opened window or if there is another global cache that
does it?

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