[Pharo-dev] [ANN] Twisty, text with active state framework

Denis Kudriashov dionisiydk at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 05:07:35 EST 2015

I’m glad to announce new text framework Twisty.

Twisty is text implementation based on active state idea. In this library
text instances announce any change which happens with it. Due to this
behavior Twisty provides cursors and layout objects which state are
automatically restored after text changes. It is simplified implementation
of text tools which operate on single text instance. They do not need to
implement any synchronization of their state when somebody edit text.

Any text editing should be performed by:

editContentsBy: [cursor insert: ‘new string’]
andSubmitChangesBy: [text asString allDigits]

First block in this example performs text changes by cursor instance.
Cursor can be fetched by "text newActiveCursor". Also text can be edited by
text region instances.
Last block is predicate which validate changes. At the time of its
execution text already applied all changes from first block. So full and
completed text state can be verified. If state is incorrect all changes
will be cancelled. If anything ok text will accept all changes by
announcing TwyTextChanged event.
In this example changes will be cancelled and ’new string’ will be not
There is short version of editing method without any validation:

text editContentsBy: [region backspaceKey]

Editing methods return announced event. It can be TwyTextChanged or
TwyChangesCancelled events. This events contains all changes which happened
during editing block execution. Changes are presented by first class
objects subclasses of TwyImmediateChangeAnnouncement:
TwyCharactersSpanIncreased, TwyElementInserted, TwyElementsGroupRemoved,
TwyCursorMoved and others.
Changes can be cancelled. Cancel should be performed inside editing block:

text editContentsBy: [textChanged cancel]

It is used for undo/redo implementation.

Twisty implements single text morph TwyTextMorph. Different behavior should
be implemented by specific class of text tool (subclasses of TwyTextTool).
It can be editor tool, selection tool, cursor tool, undo/redo tool and
others. Text morph contains collection of such tools. Different combination
of tools supplies different behavior. For example, text morph without any
tools is simple readonly text field. Text morph with selection tool allows
select text region and copy it to clipboard. If cursor tool are added to
morph then blinked cursor are shown for visible text navigation.
Tools approach allows replace usual hierarchy of text morphs by composition
of tool classes.
Tools are added to text morph by:
textMorph ensureTool: TwyCursorTool

TwyEditorTool adds editing behavior to text morph. It subscribes on key
press events from morph to accept arbitrary characters input, cut selection
or insert clipboard contents. All actions are delegated to instance of
TwyEditor.  Editor by itself delegates execution of actions to text
decorator and then It validates resulted changes by text validator.
Text validator is responsible for text changes verification. For example
validator can check that text has only digits and forbid insertion of any
other characters. By default editor has TwyNullTextValidator which allowed
any text.
Text decorator is responsible for specific processing of usual editing
operations. Text decorator decides how characters should be inserted or
removed, how selected text region should be changed. By default editor have
TwyNativeTextDecorator which inserts characters with usual logic where
characters are inserted at cursor position and selection region are reset.
But there is TwyMaskedTextDecorator which implements it differently. It
overrides asterix characters of mask with inserted string and skips non
asterix characters.

You can see examples on available features in TwyTextMorph class side and
in attached videos.

Twisty. Text editor <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNLSBt1eB2w>
Twisty. Masked fields <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ3mWmJWp-k>
Twisty. Smart numbers <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilx8XuRFOeY>
Twisty. Smart Characters <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRpafGFcH_4>
Twisty. Autoscrolling without scroll pane
Twisty. PlaceHolder <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHNO-qnTY1E>
Twisty. Live tuning <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm1jp3eHsCU>

You can load code in Pharo 4 and 5  by:

Gofer it
smalltalkhubUser: 'dionisiy' project: 'Twisty';
configurationOf: 'Twisty';

Best regards,
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