[Pharo-dev] [ANN] QuickAccess for Pharo 5

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Nov 4 16:35:59 EST 2015


I quickly wrote yet another small tool to work faster with Pharo. I call it 
"QuickAccess" - it's some kind of "ScriptManager 2.0" allowing you
to quickly access actions (defined as code scripts) via Spotter, Menu, Button, etc. 

You can load it from Spotter/Catalog in Pharo 5.0 beta.

The following video demonstrates how to use it:


The defined structure including the scripts can be exported to a file 
and send around. So far it is "complete" for my own requirements - if you
feel something is missing you can contribute and help moving it forward.

The repo is at http://www.smalltalkhub.com/#!/~TorstenBergmann/QuickAccess
Contact me with your STHub account if you need access.

The tool has some similarities with Playground/script cache, but GT tools
lack the category structuring for scripts that you find in QuickAccess.
It might be an inspiration for a future unified script management solution
in Playground.

Have fun!


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