[Pharo-dev] Ephestos 0.1 released

kilon alios kilon.alios at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 16:16:49 EDT 2014

This is 0.1 the first stable release of Ephestos. This release contains the

-a socket client bridge for sending and receiving messages from Blender
which acts as a socket server

a sendMessage: message to send python command as string to Blender to be

a python parser that allows the pharo syntax to be used to parse to a
python command for simple things like calling instance and class method and
assigning class and instance variables

a getValue: message for reading python values from variables

support for triggering the pharo debugger on python error

support for sending multiple lines of python code in a single message, for
defining python classes and much more.

A video demonstration can be found here only for the new features:


Documentation is here , its outdated because it does not contain the new
features but will update in a few days -->

With release 0.1 the core features of Ephestos have been finalised. It now
can be used for full controlling Blender.  The next step is to refine
getting values from Blender so they are automagically converted from
strings to Pharo data types.

I also will start working on a customised GUI and creating an API for it,
the goal is to build GUIs that heavily rely on images and custom skins with
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