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Tue Nov 25 02:28:02 EST 2014

400 megs ? O_o
Le 25 nov. 2014 08:08, "stepharo" <stepharo at free.fr> a écrit :

>  Let's see then..
> Hilaire
> Guille is spending hour one having a bootstrapped kernel based on pavel
> images. with about 400 Mb and removing dependencies.
> Everybody can help.
> We aask a student to develop a nice tools to spot wrong dependencies:
> lookat PharoExtras ToolsDependencyAnalyser
> And send fixes.
> Once the bootstrap arrives to a reasonable state we will work on creating
> configuration of for image level.
> I have been splitting (and still continuing) polymorph and removing some
> complexity.
> Now this is a *****DIFFICUL******* and not sexy (where is the fame?) to
> reduce and modularise a system.
> So if you are concerned about the size, give a try to help.
>> Le 24/11/2014 21:39, Esteban Lorenzano a écrit :
>>> well… fthis days stay with the micro-concept of image sizes of ancient
>>> times does not looks like a reasonable approach. Lots of conditions changed
>>> and nowadays RAM is very cheap (and even tablets has enough of them)
>>> but then, there are some points to observe that can help you:
>>> - Pharo4 will not have 32m, this is still a alpha version. It will be a
>>> lot smaller (I suppose a bit bigger than Pharo3, but not much more)
>>> - We are also producing the Pharo-minimal images as part of the process,
>>> which are stripped versions with (for now) 6m size. Of course this one does
>>> not have a lot of things that has to be reintroduced if desired (like
>>> morphic), but I think is easy to have an image smaller than 10m with all
>>> you need when going production in a tablet.
>>> now… about small is beauty. We incorporated a lot of new cool stuff
>>> (many that no one will ever notice, or use), and we need to improve in the
>>> cleaning side… there are tons of things to clean or remove there.
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