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On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 11:33 AM, Hilaire Fernandes <
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> We could try to organize a task force on that matter. I will try to
> submit some proposals later, but now I want to prepare a delicious cake.

Ha, cool. I am cleaning the home :-)

Jokes aside, it is true that the Pharo UI is quite slow.
I do not have issues on my Core i7 PC but on my Core2Duo Mac it shows...

There are enough benefits to having a software UI (flexibility etc) to
suffer that.

But there is for sure room for improvement.

As resolutions go higher, this problem will only get worse.

Where would one have to start looking for performance improvements?


> Hilaire
> Le 31/05/2014 10:48, Clément Bera a écrit :
> > The second thing is that BitBlt is slow for 2 reasons: it is bit based
> > and not vector based and its implementation half in the VM half in the
> > image forces to copy a huge number of bits that could be avoided
> >
> > So the answer is that you need to contribute to the refactoring of
> > Morphic or to Athens.
> >
> > GUI hardware acceleration is clearly not the problem yet.
> >
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