[Pharo-dev] smalltalkhub login issue

Andrei Chis chisvasileandrei at gmail.com
Mon May 5 05:08:08 EDT 2014


We are multiple people behind a proxy and are having some strange issues
with logging in to smalltalk hub.

I can log in successfully but then if my colleagues open their browsers to
log in they are also logged in as me!!!!!!
Furthermore if I open another browser I'm also logged in as me even if that
shouldn't be happening.
It even works if I switch to incognito mode with Chrome !!!

Me colleagues can see my homepage including all my private projects. The
good part is that they can't edit or change
anything as they get an invalid password error when they try.

Still this is bad. Has anyone else experienced this? Can it be some caching
issues with the proxy or with smalltalkhub?

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