[Pharo-dev] Phratch Website + version 3.0 in dev

jannik laval jannik.laval at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 10:10:46 EDT 2014

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce Phratch website: www.phratch.com
Thanks to the support of ESUG, it is possible to make visible this
wonderful project.

For now, what is available on the site:
- a presentation of Phratch (you can refer to it now)
- installation files, there is a portable version for Windows, Linux, MacOS.
- tutorials
- block documentation: generated from a Phratch image !
- Some elements for Jetstorm (a lot of new articles will come soon)
- a category with news

Now about the versions, I am developing the version 3.0
Why this number ? Why a third version in one year of work ?
It is clear that a lot of work is already done. Each version represents
strong changes in the architecture.
- version 1.0 is the port of Scratch + BYOB + Panther in Pharo. It is
working but not extendable.
- version 2.0 makes Phratch really extendable. We can develop our own block
for everything in Pharo. I also make Phratch more modular with the use of
Pragmas for some menus, declaration of blocks... It is available only in
Pharo 3.0. There are some languages available, I hope more people can
translate in other languages (http://www.phratch.com/archives/612).
- version 3.0 is the version in development. What is new here: Before this
version Phratch was really slow. I am cleaning the code, and now it begins
to be fast, really fast ! We also begun to write tests.

I am really happy to have the support of ESUG and Pharo.
Thanks to the community to make Pharo as usable as it it, it makes our
dreams possible.


~~Jannik Laval~~
École des Mines de Douai
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