[Pharo-dev] [New] academic partner program

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Mon Jun 30 03:56:41 EDT 2014

Dear Friends

The Pharo consortium http://consortium.pharo.org is launching a new 
program in direction to academic partners: teachers, Universities and 
research institutes.
We realized that the advantages/duties to be an academic member were 
unclear. We really want to build a strong community.

Here are the key facts extracted from the documentation.

Here are the main advantages as an academic partner:
     -  Direct access to Pharo core developers via an automatic 
subscription to a specific mailing list.
     -  Access to Pharo documents and courses.
     -  Its logo posted on the Pharo Website Academic pages.
     -  The possibility to propose and participate in actions.

Here are the main duties (which you are already doing)
     - Put a link to Pharo Consortium Website from its institutional 
     - When using Pharo to teach, create web pages with document courses 
related to Pharo.
     - Provide Inria with an annual report of at most half a page of its 
actions to promote and sustain Pharo.

     As member of the Pharo Consortium, the Academic Partner shall make 
its best efforts to:
     - Give courses on Pharo or related topics to its students
     - Participate to the development of open source software libraries 
in Pharo
     - Participate to selected Pharo mailing lists : 
pharo-dev at lists.pharo.org and/or pharo-users at lists.pharo.org
     - Participate in the authoring of open-source books on Pharo and 
related topics.

So we really hope that you will register and help us making Pharo grow 
and be a really cool and friendly ecosystem.

The Pharo Board.

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