[Pharo-dev] SmartBreakpoints alpha release

Clara Allende clari.allende at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 04:41:47 EDT 2014

Hi guys!
Finally the metaLink-based breakpoints are "ready". I have made some
explanations on my blog
but basically now you have the option "break here" in SmartSuggestions menu.
So it's still experimental, and even though I have some tests, it would be
nice if you can test it, because I can't cover all possible use cases :)
And any feedback is most appreciated!

Specially, since eventually we will have several kinds of breakpoints, I
would like to ask in which way would you like to choose them (a pop menu? a

Thanks in advance!

PS: The script for downloading the code is in the blog post :P
PS2: After talking with Anne and Baptiste, things that are not there *yet*
but I want to have:
* a highlight on the method/messageSend where the breakpoint is inserted
* expose persistent breakpoints (it is there but the default is to halt
* line breakpoints (not sure when, for now the breakpoints are AST based)
* integration with TextEditor, once it is done ;)
* hide breakpoint-api contexts in the debugger stack
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