[Pharo-dev] Release TaskIT Version 1

Guillermo Polito guillermopolito at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 16:07:17 EDT 2014

Hi guys!

you probably already saw it in the list before, but I'm going anyways to
re-release the first version of TaskIT :)

What has changed between what Santiago said and this? Well... not the
released code, since it is the same version. What we changed was the
metacello configurations (yes, I know I should not have done that, but
since it is not widely used yet, I felt free to do it). So now we use
semantic versioning: *And this time is for release 1.0.*

*(For the CAR team, this will not impact PhaROS nor anything ;) :P )*

*Some links:*

 - We opened an issue tracker, please, feel free to put there issues on
code, documentation enhancements... whatever. So we don't lose what is
discussed here in the list.


 - Documentation, I don't remember if Santi sent it, but there is a TaskIT
version 1 chapter for PharoForTheEnterprise we were writing and enhancing.

Source in Pillar:

Compiled version:

TaskIT version 2 is in progress.

That's all,
Thanks for reading up to here!
Guille and Santi
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