[Pharo-dev] VM for Athens Graphics

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Wed Oct 23 17:13:37 EDT 2013

> Well implementing ARM-FFI is largely orthogonal to Athens. 
> Yes, i am happily using it for Cairo and it lets me customize /rethink things as they go
> without need to touch VM. Which means much faster development process and feedback etc.
> But since Athens API is settled down more or less, now it is quite possible to implement a plugin
> for different backend, knowing that it won't require huge changes later. 

Ok I was not aware you were thinking about that. So this is good to have this path in my radar.

> Concerning ARM:
>  - Damien Pollet works on ARM assembler for ASMJit.
> as soon as it working, we can try doing something with it.
> But in addition, what i would like to do is to move more towards platform-neutral FFI implementation,
> using low-level assembler DSL which is platform neutral. There's a work started on it
> as part of Mate project, but it is yet far from finished.

I would love that.
Now I guess that I'm correct to say that even with it the fact that it would generate assembly on the fly
would make it a no go for iPad and friends.

I thought that esteban and you thought about generating the "assembly once for all for Ipda and putting it in file"
so that we do not have the "assembly generation" problem?

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