[Pharo-dev] missing updates: 30503 30504

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Mon Oct 21 11:05:44 EDT 2013

Camillo Bruni wrote:
> What happened with those updates?
> Why are there no images?
> If something like this happens, the git exporter needs to be properly reset, 
> otherwise we don't have consecutive numbers :/
> We really need to invest a couple of sprints in creating an integration UI,
> ben and I started this 2 years ago and it lies dormant since then. The current
> way is just too brittle...

Not sure if this is directly related, but I have been considering how 
the following functionality might be useful in PharoLauncher...
 From a list, select a Slice, launch an Image inclusive of a startup 
script that...
* Integrated that Slice
* Ran tests
* Saved the Image and quit.
* Fed back to PharoLauncher for it to display that this Image/Slice was 
now ready to be reviewed - now at just the click of a button. 

btw, Just want to say that I've been really enjoying using and 
contributing to PharoLauncher [1].  The code is really accessible and 
makes a good example for my first exposure to Spec.


cheers -ben

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