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Thu Oct 17 09:22:19 EDT 2013

 > what with the 2x space?

Something I like about Source Code Pro is the greater spacing between 
identifiers. In comparison, I found DejaVu Sans and Source Sans Pro to 
be too dense, especially so with the latter.  So I experimented with 
doubling the size of that space with the proportional fonts.  I just 
Search-Replaced <space> with <space-space>, but in an IDE you could use 
one of the wider space character like the EN-QUAD [5].  Except the 
performance with Unicode versus ascii characters would need to be 
checked.  I've attached a some more comparisons of identifier spacing. 

Sorry I mislead you with the Source Sans Pro 2X-spacing in previous 
PDF.  You wont get that exactly out of the box without some code changes 
to use a wider space character.  Check you opinion against the 1X-spacing.
cheers -ben

[5] http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/chars/spaces.html

Goubier Thierry wrote:
> Excellent, I like the comparison a lot! Thanks!
> My take is:
> - Unable to like Source Code Pro 9 (and it's so wide);
> - Source Sans Pro 9 has spacing issues (16r, the r is too close) and 
> reading issues (it's the worse for the lL|i characters)
> - Source sans Pro 10 is better than 9 (but what with the 2x space?)
> Overall, I'd stay with DejaVu Sans 9 based on this sample. In my 
> opinion, the best compromise density / readability.
> Thierry
> Le 16/10/2013 19:56, btc at openinworld.com a écrit :
>> Goubier Thierry wrote:
>>> I'd be more impressed if the argument was helping me distinguish
>>> between | and l.
>> Yes. It is designed to do that. Some common failings of monospaced fonts
>> are noted [1] and dealt with. There comment section is also interesting.
>> The attached PDFs are the result of getting the urge to compare a broad
>> coverage of code examples (taken from "Terse Guide to Squeak") against
>> three fonts:
>> * DejaVu Sans 9 point
>> * Source Code Pro [1] [2] 9 point
>> * Source Sans Pro [3] [4] 9 point & 10 point, since the width of 10 was
>> the same as the others at 9.
>> Also attached is the source excel file.
>> cheers -ben
>> [1] http://blogs.adobe.com/typblography/2012/09/source-code-pro.html
>> [2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/sourcecodepro.adobe/files/
>> [3] http://blogs.adobe.com/typblography/2012/08/source-sans-pro.html
>> [4]
>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/sourcesans.adobe/postdownload?source=dlp
>>> I'l let you try, then :)
>>> Thierry

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