[Pharo-dev] IMPORTANT: RPackage behavior changed and Nautilus updated

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Thu Oct 17 06:20:00 EDT 2013


I just important an important change in Pharo. 
I made a new step over the integration of RPackage into the system, and as a result there is a different behavior. 
Although 99% of users shouldn't notice it, that can drive to headaches to tool developers, like Thierry and his AltBrowser (but I'm not sure about that) :)  
I'm sorry, but this is inevitable... and part of a long path discussed and adopted since almost 1 1/2 years. 

So, what's the change? 
Now 1 RPackage 0 1 MCPackage. 
As a result, package granularity is coarse, and then categories for class are stored as package tags.
Other consequence is that RPackageSet is now more or less useless, but I'm keeping it because it provides caching services  for monticello, and the speed up resulting is good :)
This change opens the path to remove old PackageInfo, finally :)

To take the new structure into account (and to add a long time awaited feature), I modified nautilus to use a tree instead a simple list (finally!)
And since I was in the mood, I moved groups to same list, taking the idea of the screenshot Stef sent the other day (lots of good ideas that we should adopt there), and then I removed the "groups" button... in functionality is good, but visually not so much... I accept ideas about :)

This is a really deep and important change, I'm pushing it because we need to test and fix. So, do not hesitate to send your reports!
Also, there are features in modified-nautilus that are missing. It would be good to have a list of them so I can implement it :)

Please, report any issue around. 


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