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Camillo Bruni-3 wrote
> processing.org uses monospaced font, these are the art guys that have more
> sense graphics
> than any one this mailinglist (BTW, how many of you have visited an art
> school?)
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Guilty as charged, doing music and graphics as long as I do coding. I am
pushing becoming a pro digital painter in the next 3-5 years. I have been to
an art school last year, but I prefer learning alone. 

Goubier Thierry wrote
> Not me.
> I'm often not impressed by the tools used by graphics designers. I can't 
> get my head around the blender GUI, for example.
> Specialized communities, tools around their own concepts and very 
> productive for the training they have in it. Not a good entry level GUI, 
> in most cases.
> Innovative, interesting GUIs ? Game, arts projects (not tools, results 
> out of their tools).
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you should be , 3d apps are by very far the most innovative software out
there and their technology is evolving so fast artists barely can keep up. 

The challanges that GUIs have to face are just pure insane, the level of
complexity just overwhelming because of thousands of features that
constantly are dependent on each other. To be put it short, 3d apps are GUI
coder worst nightmare.

3d app are for very hard to use for users , power users  , coders , amateur
artists , traditional pro artist. They don't care about any of them. They
focus on a single group , 3d artists. This is why you will rarely find any
serious 3d app sacrificing complexity of the gui for luring in other groups.
They are nuclear weapons meant to be used by people that have high depends
and want to do million different things with them. 

The only exception is Scetchup. But even that is not used by 3d artists as
much as regular users. 

Blender belongs to the mediocre examples of GUI design for 3d app, best
implementation by far being Softimage XSI. That program is a seminar how
very complex GUIs should be done. 

Music apps also have the tendency of large complexity with very solid GUI
Designs, an example is Ableton Live. 

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