[Pharo-dev] default monospaced code font

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Tue Oct 15 09:21:06 EDT 2013

Since the days when editors was able to allow me using any fonts, i was
always switching to variable-spaced font
for code pane. And i am not speaking about smalltalk or pharo here, it was
C and Pascal those days :)

guess, what i would prefer in pharo? :)

The bad things about getting used to monospaced fonts is that you format
code and it looks perfect,
but then you print it or copy/paste it somewhere else where it uses other
font, and all your beautiful formatting are gone.
Needless to say, that printing press was invented way before first computer
or digital printer, and all we know about fonts came
to us from the printing world.. and i think i would be right saying that
before first digital printers there was not such thing as monospaced
fonts, because it is not economically efficient: you don't want to waste
space on front page of your newspaper by aligning glyphs to some virtual
More than that, it works well only if you using same font size and no
bold/underline variants whatever.. as soon as you use variants or different
font size,
all the benefits of 'formatting' using monospaced font is gone.
That means, if we employ monospaced font for code, we will be forced to not
use bold/italic variants, or different font size (for instance,
i would be like to play with code highlight scheme, where comments using
different font size, or where method name uses bigger font size etc).

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko.
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