[Pharo-dev] Fix Review Needed - Slice query - was Re: bug: [4993] Typing cmd+L cancel all typing and we can't undo it [Terminated]

btc at openinworld.com btc at openinworld.com
Sun Oct 13 12:36:22 EDT 2013

As I reviewed the Slice <Changes> related to Case 4993, I notice the 
relevant part was only a single method, but also included were several 
more unrelated modifications with zero-sum refactorings.  eg, from...
position: aPoint
    super position: aPoint.
    self viewBox ifNotNil: [self viewBox: (aPoint extent: self viewBox 

position: aPoint
    super position: aPoint.
    self viewBox ifNotNil: [:viewBox | self viewBox: (aPoint extent:  
viewBox extent)].

which itself is cool, but my first thought was that these shouldn't have 
been included in the Case 4993 Slice, but in a separate Slice for a 
different Case that dealt just with those refactorings.  But thinking 
further in general the image I use for testing could have moved on from 
the image used to generate that Slice.  So maybe its not not such a 
problem anyhow? 

Also, if the zero-sum refactoring modifications were put in their own 
separate Slice, then probably the specific modifications related to the 
Case would build upon that, so ultimately you end up with the same 

So in short my question is, how much do you typically separate out 
Case-specific modifications from incidental zero-sum refactoring made 
along the way.

cheers -ben

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btc at openinworld.com wrote:
> kilon wrote:
>> This is my first pharo bug fix so be gentle :D
>> https://pharo.fogbugz.com/f/cases/4993/Typing-cmd-L-cancel-all-typing-and-we-can-t-undo-it 
>> <https://pharo.fogbugz.com/f/cases/4993/Typing-cmd-L-cancel-all-typing-and-we-can-t-undo-it>  
>> As I explain in the link and in my commit log , I have added a confirm
>> dialog so the user in case he accidentally pressed CMD+L will click 
>> no and
>> his changes will not be lost. I have verified the bug fix with the 
>> latest
>> pharo build.
>> -- 
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>> http://forum.world.st/bug-4993-Typing-cmd-L-cancel-all-typing-and-we-can-t-undo-it-Terminated-tp4714154.html 
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> It looks fine.  Simple enough even for me to understand ;).  So I've 
> changed the status to 'Resolved - fix to include.'  Actually my first, 
> so just checking this is the correct next step in the workflow ?

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