[Pharo-dev] Startup Preferences: An Alternative

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Sat Oct 12 03:38:20 EDT 2013

I am looking at this configuration and had fun loading the Batcave thing.
What is this green area and slider on the right for?

Found fixIssue5656
"Issue 5656: Large fonts make tools slow

| smallerFont |
 smallerFont := LogicalFont familyName: 'Bitmap DejaVu Sans' pointSize: 12.
StandardFonts defaultFont: smallerFont.

Which I didn't knew about and for sure will help me!

All the loginTo things are quite useful as I faced this kind of situation
enough to care :-)
Would be great to have a logout, in order to give images to other people
without leaving credentials around.

This pref also useful:

enabled: true;
 caseSensitive: true;
expandPrefixes: true;
useEnterToAccept: false;
 smartCharacters: true;
smartCharactersWithDoubleSpace: '[]{}';
spaceAfterCompletion: false;
 popupAutomaticDelay: 100.

And a lot of other things that make it clear that a simple prefs file is
not enough in your case :-)

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