[Pharo-dev] Start with a trivial improvement!

kilon thekilon at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 10 08:22:32 EDT 2013

This is something I was contemplating lately for my project Ephestos. The
problem I see with your approach is that it takes a long time to see those
changes integrated into Pharo cause AFAIK there are not many people to check
out those "fixes" approve them and then integrate them. Now multiple that by
1000. Yeah right !

So I decided to follow the external library route. My initial concern about
my project was that I want a better Morphic. Now the sensible start would be
to do what you suggested, start small , fix morphic problems here and there,
tiny clean ups to the code etc. But I realised that if someone pings me back
months later about a fix he does not like and I am way forward in the
development process that could seriously mess with my code and even make it
hard to change the fix.  

So it was a great news indeed that morphic is entirely (or almost entirely
?) written in smalltalk. I am back at studying opengl since I want to make
an opengl implementation of moprhic , but also I would also like to get rid
of things I dont like about morphic.  Making it into an external lib also
makes sure I dont brake people's code but also I am tied into things I dont
like and need the approval of the community to fix. 

So yes I agree that what you say sounds ideal in theory, but its not ideal
in practice.

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