[Pharo-dev] Please contributors fill up this form...

btc at openinworld.com btc at openinworld.com
Thu Oct 10 10:05:53 EDT 2013

Stéphane Ducasse wrote:
> Hi guys
> I would like to get 
> 	contributors.pharo.org a bit more representative of Pharo.
> We should have Previous contributors and enhance the current list.
> Can you please reply to this mail
> 	PharoContributor new
> 		name: 'Ben Coman';
> 		id: 'bencoman';
> 		email: 'btc at openInWorld.com';
> 		website: 'http://blog.openInWorld.com';
> 		description: 'Electrical Power Engineer. Utilised Roassal/Glamour/Magritte with Pharo/Moose for my Masters thesis to develop "LEKtrek - a software development platform for electrical power applications" (release pending)';
> 		yourself
> Stef

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