[Pharo-dev] ShortRunArray not in Pharo 3.0 anymore, leading to problems with FFI-Kernel-tbn.25

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Wed Oct 9 10:48:37 EDT 2013

Not directly related, I am loading my full stack and it includes both

Speaking of which, ConfigurationOfSeaside3 understands Pharo3.x things I
think but loaded with a 2.x compatibility trick, fails (like in loading
ConfigurationOfGrease which loads ConfigurationOfRefactoringBrowser, which
fails miserably.

So, if a config is available in for 3.x, metacello platforms should be 3.x
and 2.x if not there yet.

Well, kind of difficult to use Pharo3 with its fixes when one wants to use
the other projects.

Loads to Gofer and manual loads to do to get out of this.

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