[Pharo-dev] Monticello requiring network access to save a package in a local repository?

phil at highoctane.be phil at highoctane.be
Wed Oct 9 03:30:21 EDT 2013

Here is the preference for doing just that:

In fact, I noticed there was no Settings-Metacello and I created one, along
with that single pref in it. Maybe will be useful for future things

The metacelloPlatformAttributes has been changed like this and put in a
*settings-metacello protocol instead of being in "miscellaneous".

    "Returns the tags for the conditional platform loading in Metacello.
Pay attention the order is important: from most  to least general."
    "For release integrators, we should not have #'pharo1.3x' **and**

 ^ SmalltalkImage Pharo2Compatible ifTrue: [
      #(#squeakCommon #pharo #'pharo2.x' #'pharo2.0.x')
 ] ifFalse: [
   #(#squeakCommon #pharo #'pharo3.x' #'pharo3.0.x')
Feel free to integrate :-)

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