[Pharo-dev] external semaphores…again

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Wed Oct 9 01:18:32 EDT 2013

Hi eliot
> that just means your VM don't have external object size cap.
> I changed the implementation to not have hard limit (the arbitrary large number
> is there just to be "compatible" with previous implementation).
> If you've really done this why haven't you pushed changes back to me?

He did. I remember that he asked you for review on the code multiple times. I know because I was asking 
him to know what we should do. And in addition the code was issue was documented on the Cog bug tracker. 

>  You think I like the limit ?!? ;-).  But is your new implementation lock-free?  I went to some lengths to make sure that the Cog implementation is thread-safe, by making signalling lock-free.  But making it lock-free while allowing growing was too much work.  If your new implementation isn't lock-free and/or isn't thread-safe then IMO the cure is worse than the disease, because signals can get lost and that's much harder to diagnose than deal with a limit that can only be set at startup.

I will let igor reply for the technical part. But we did some tests with companies doing web dev for a while 
before pushing this fix in Pharo.


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