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Christoph Wysseier c.wysseier at netstyle.ch
Sat Nov 30 03:16:11 EST 2013

Hi Phil

Am 29.11.13 11:45, schrieb phil at highoctane.be:
> Thanks.
> One problem I do have is how the hell can I change some look and feel
> pieces. That's more a general thing for the presentation framework than
> the content.

The look and feel is predefined by the designer. You then only 
characterize the content which adopts automatically the predefined 
styles. Cmsbox was created to manage CONTENT not STYLE as we address a 
specific, non-technical target group. Therefore you cannot change styles 

> My main "surprise" was that I needed blocks for everything. And that
> doing italics was hard, when I wanted to do a citation. Or is it another
> way?

HTML5 was created with some new semantic tags such as article, sections, 
... We anticipated this development by introducing "Articles" which keep 
the content semantically together which is also the basis for good SEO.

Besides, yes, you really need for each paragraph a new text element as 
this allows us to create semantically and standard compliant HTML code 
which is on of the main goals. Each element at the represents an HTML 
tag or set of tags at the end.

Hint: You should not want to format content but to adjust its function. 
Each element has therefore properties which are always context-sensitive 
within the black toolbar on the righten side.

Hint2: Use the element "Table" for the links to the Shops at 
http://www.pharo-project.org/community/shop. Besides, link can have a 
description and a link action. You do not need to show the whole link 
within the content again if you do not want too.

> As I am a Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware team member, this is indeed a
> different way to look at things (https://tiki.org/Communications+Team)
> But I guess the codebase there is 100% non Pharo. And most of you on
> this list would, well, run away :-)
> But the community is quite working well. Check
> https://tiki.org/Monthly+Team+Meetings

Of course, Tiki Wiki and Cmsbox do not have anything in common beside 
the content management goal. This is due to the target group which is 
completely different. I would not want to explain wiki syntax to the 
secretary of a Swiss carpenter. ;)

> The Pharo site looks somewhat dated by today's standards (Have a look at
> the AngularJS site to see what I mean http://angularjs.org/, ).

+1. An example using Responsive Design would even be better as Stef 
tends to force mobile devices.

> Next week, I have a meeting w/ a young designer who will be proposing me
> new looks, we'll see if we get traction with the community and if yes,
> get a new look on.

+100. If the community accepts your proposal we would love to adopt the 
styles to new design. We are programmers and therefore dependant on 
designers input... but if we get it, we can do almost everything your 
want: http://www.cmsbox.com/en/showcase/our-websites



Christoph Wysseier
netstyle.ch GmbH, CEO

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