[Pharo-dev] Suggestion about Phexample and StateSpecs(Mocketry) integration

Denis Kudriashov dionisiydk at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 02:04:42 EST 2013

2013/11/30 Sean P. DeNigris <sean at clipperadams.com>

> Denis Kudriashov wrote
> > I don't remember is it was public conclusion but we agree to try
> > StateSpecs
> > for Phexample.
> > After I finish key features of TxText I will adapt StateSpecs to satisfy
> > Camillo requirements.
> Double bump ;) I want to try Mocketry, but I'm already using Phexample, so
>  I need them to be compatible...

Now loading Mocketry will override existed #should implementation. So your
Phexample "should expressions" will evaluated by Mocketry system.
And if I remember correctly Yuriy added some compatibility messages to
Mocketry to make it usage seamless for Phexample tests.
Unfortunately I don't have time now to move StateSpecs to Phexample. But I
will work on it some day.

Best regards,
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