[Pharo-dev] ConfigurationOf

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Nov 27 07:04:49 EST 2013

Esteban wrote:
>it should
>we just integrated metacello2, it is not a change of ours, is Dale's... and Dale is very concerned with backward compatibility, >so anything could be used. 

Think of a config like ConfigurationOfPomodoro - I can load it in Pharo 3.0 and Pharo2.0
right from the config browser. 

In 3.0 I can make it a subclass of ConfigurationOf because I want to clean it up (that was the goal of Dale's new class)

  - but then I can only put it into MetaRepoForPharo30 so it appears in the Pharo30 config browser
  - I can NOT put it into MetaRepoForPharo20 for Pharo20 config browser again, since it will not load
    since there is no such base class in Pharo20

Even a dependency to metacello2 for Pharo20 in the config itself will not help here - since the class is 
not loadable due to the missing superclass. Kind of chicken and egg problem...

So how can one use the new "ConfigurationOf" by subclassing and cleaning and
still work on Pharo20...

>In fact, you can load metacello2 into pharo2... if you want to use a ConfigurationOf subclass.

Yes - but in a "simple load it from the config browser" scenario or with the usual simple Gofer script
this is not valid. 

Maybe only a backport of "ConfigurationOf" for Pharo20 will help here. Otherwise I doubt it will
get used in Pharo30 backward compatible configs.


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