[Pharo-dev] ConfigurationOf

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Nov 27 06:09:02 EST 2013

> In Pharo 3.0 there is a new class "ConfigurationOf"
> which I can subclass for my configurations.
> But then my config is not loadable in Pharo 2.0.
> The problem is that when people migrate the configs
> often are adopted for Pharo30 and still work for Pharo20.
> So one can use this new shiny common superclass only for new 
> Pharo 3.0 configs onwards or is there a backport planned ...

Also the "+Config" button in the MetacelloBrowser of Pharo 3.0 does not
use this new ConfigurationOf class. It still generates

   Object subclass: #ConfigurationOfFoo

instead of

   ConfigurationOf subclass: #ConfigurationOfFoo

Bug or by intention?


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