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Mon Nov 25 19:29:13 EST 2013

Yes I am interested in Amber Roassal and also Roassal3d. Mostly on Amber
Roassal because I want to target tablets and phones and since I have no
desire to go through the App stores, javascript is my best option.

Another thing I have observed is that in all examples there is no
anti-aliasing which I find very weird because my vector editor which uses
Athens as well, has anti-aliased lines. Why is that ?

I am very excited about Roassal , the more I look at the code and the
documentation the more I realize how flexible it is.

Is Roassal3d part of the Roassal project or is it an outside project ?

Also do you plan integrating with Spec ? Will Roassal be a backend for Spec

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 11:46 PM, Alexandre Bergel
<alexandre.bergel at me.com>wrote:

> Hi!
> > So I took your advice and gave a good look to Roassal to learn more
> about how to use Athens. First I want to congratulate the coders, I was
> expecting a simple visualisation library for object graphs and what I see
> is a full blown graphics library that can be used for many diffirent kinds
> of graphical illustrations.
> Thanks for your nice words :-)
> > I still however trying to understand the end goal of Roassal , is there
> an end goal or is it generally code visualisation ?
> The goal of Roassal is getting broader with the time. The main objective
> of Roassal is to be a platform for data visualisation. So, as soon as you
> have a bunch of data (e.g., plenty of numbers or any arbitrary objects),
> then Roassal should give you the tools to visualize and interact with your
> data.
> Roassal is slowly moving from a tool for end-user to a platform on which
> domain specific languages can be created. This is an important point when
> reusing visualizations (e.g., ROTreeMapBuilder, ROMapBuilder,
> ROMondrianViewBuilder are all compelling examples).
> Roassal is currently being ported to Amber, which will probably broaden
> the vision behind Roassal. Early examples may be found on:
> http://pestefo.github.io/roamber/#
> > Also I wanted to ask if Roassal can do visual coding. By that I mean
> visualize not only objects but messages inside methods so the users with
> drag and drop code in a visual way.
> Yes, Roassal is made for that. If there is something that Roassal does not
> allow you to do, then let us know, we are a whole team ready to polish
> Roassal.
> > I took a look at the examples but I see nowhere the use of bezier curves
> , why is that ?
> There is a few.
> Try:
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> "Source code: ROMondrianExample>>bezierCurveOn:"
> "Preambule. It includes the initialization. "
> | view rawView |
> rawView := ROView new.
> view := ROMondrianViewBuilder view: rawView.
> "-------------"
> "-------------"
> view shape circle size: 10.
> view nodes: (Collection withAllSubclasses).
> view shape bezierLine.
> view edgesFrom: #superclass.
> view radialTreeLayout.
> view center.
> "-------------"
> "-------------"
> "Below is the initiation of the menu and opening the visualization"
> ROEaselMorphic new populateMenuOn: view.
> view open
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
> Have a look at the class ROSplineExample
> It does not contains many examples, but you get enough to build appealing
> visualization (e.g.,
> https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.511442275609041.1073741827.340543479365589&type=3 )
> More screenshots are available on: https://www.facebook.com/ObjectProfile
> Cheers,
> Alexandre
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