[Pharo-dev] Understanding Roassal

kilon alios kilon.alios at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 15:31:55 EST 2013

So I took your advice and gave a good look to Roassal to learn more about
how to use Athens. First I want to congratulate the coders, I was expecting
a simple visualisation library for object graphs and what I see is a full
blown graphics library that can be used for many diffirent kinds of
graphical illustrations.

I still however trying to understand the end goal of Roassal , is there an
end goal or is it generally code visualisation ?

Also I wanted to ask if Roassal can do visual coding. By that I mean
visualize not only objects but messages inside methods so the users with
drag and drop code in a visual way.

I took a look at the examples but I see nowhere the use of bezier curves ,
why is that ?
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