[Pharo-dev] [Issue Tracker] 5 Bugs reported against Pharo2

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Mon Nov 25 05:24:28 EST 2013


We have 5 open issues reported against Pharo2:

Not fixed and no fix available in 2, fixed in 3:

11683 Renaming a package in Nautilus w/ a shorter name: Primitive Failed due to negative size passed

7559 Plugins Primitives no longer work after a while

12080 Generate Initialize Method breaks the image

all but 7559 seems to be minor, 7559 itself is strange. I have not found a way to reproduce it yet.

Backport Pharo3, needs review:

12097 [Backport] Pharo can't find sources files when embedded in an .app application

Possibly a problem both in 2 and 3, fix proposed:

11674 MNU: receiver of ">" is nil

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