[Pharo-dev] Browser does not work at all anymore... I fixed it but...

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Nov 24 16:04:55 EST 2013

>>>> well well well
>>> Code that is not used breaks. I do not know how to change that. I really do not.
>> I do not think that it is realistic to keep the old Browser alive. It will mean that we have
>> to change it for everything… Protocols already now. Later someone needs to change
>> it to use RPackage instead of System Categories… this will be quite some work…
> and how will we get that debugged if we don’t use it?

But we use it :)
I need it.

did you look at the methods I sent?

	"give a list of all method selectors."

	^ elementArray copy sort

***A list is not a set***

	"Oops no comments… no indication of types"
	^ protocolOrganizer allMethods

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