[Pharo-dev] why can't we select the browser we want to use anymore via the window menu?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Nov 24 15:02:28 EST 2013

Hi guys

It would be good not to clean without a clear vision.
For example we cannot register an old browser to browse code via the menu of a window.
Now let us think two minutes to see if you can get my point:

	- I want to unload nautilus, rb, keymapping, athens, Ecompletion, Gofer, NativeBoost, Zinc, …..
	and reload them via their configuration so that we can manage Pharo with configurations. 

	- Right now we LOST yes LOST the configurations of most of the part of the systems (I just spendt several afternoon 
	on the one of RB in the past and now guess what) because 
	we do not have a process to use them and we are afraid to have 10 packages and 10 classes more in the system.
	I do not understand why we do not start to put the configuration inside the image. To me this is totally stupid 
	not to do it. 

	- Now without a browser this is nearly impossible to work. So we will remove the old browser
	but we should go slowly because else I will you do it with emacs outside the image to see if you succeed.

So it would be good to focus on real impacting changes.


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