[Pharo-dev] Patches for Pharo packages you are maintaining

Lorenz Köhl lorenz at quub.de
Sat Nov 23 16:51:40 EST 2013

>>> So registering on Pharo tracker *never* worked for me, since I try,
>>> before the summer.
>> In the end I think is was a mistake to use fogbugz. For sure it’s nice for companies, but
>> for open sourse projects it just does not work with a closed bug tracker.
>> Now the question is what is the effort to move to yet another one?
> I do not like fogbugz but I would not change now.
> Let us
> 	- make it easy for people to log

The Racket programming language (racket-lang.org) has in its IDE DrRacket a menu item
	- Submit bug report

Details about the system and a description of the bug is gathered and sent of to a bugs mailing list as well as creating an issue in a bug tracker. This way you get the issue number, a possible discussion thread about the bug/enhancement and any user can take part. IMHO this is the _right_ way to do it.

Is there something similar for pharo? 

Contributing changes this way might get more complicated though, but possible.

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