[Pharo-dev] Xtreams in Pharo 3

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Nov 23 08:39:29 EST 2013

>>> If Xtreams goes in the core of Pharo (which could be good), there should be no compatibility layers with others platforms.
>>> Sorry but we have too many of them and we do not want to have strings attached.
>>> if necessary we can rename the complete library so that people can load the real CrossPlatformXtream projects on top of Pharo.
>>> I'm not sure that people can understand that but this is important. And we do not do that for the sake of it.
>>> As one of the keeper of the core I do not want to have to think about systems I do not know.
>> I completely understand the desire to do this. Every other platform
>> maintainer agrees with you. That's why hardly anything ever gets done
>> between the dialects, and why those that do maintain cross-dialect
>> libraries probably (I know I certainly do) curse all the platform
>> maintainers for being so insular. This problem even has a name: the
>> tragedy of the commons.
>> frank
> @Stef - yes, I understand, but that is only an issue if/when we actually do include it for real, and if/when we actually start using it (remember Nile, it was there, but never used)

Yes I think that treams will have  a better chance

> For now, I think it would be better to move together (remember, this code started and lives in VW), when we encounter insurmountable problems with compatibility, then we’ll deal with them.


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