[Pharo-dev] petit parser longest match

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Wed Nov 20 05:15:52 EST 2013

I talked to Lukas two years ago about parsing the longest match [1]. He committed it to PetitBeta back then. Now I need it and I had a look at the current parsers but didn’t find one that can do the same. Is there a parser that can do longest match?

If not I would propose adding that to the default petit parser package. Lukas’ proposal back then was

LongestChoiceParser>>parseOn: aStream
	| start element longestEnd longestElement |
	start := aStream position.
	1 to: parsers size do: [ :index |
		element := (parsers at: index)
			parseOn: aStream.
		(longestEnd isNil or: [ longestEnd < aStream position ]) ifTrue: [
			longestEnd := aStream position.
			longestElement := element ].
		aStream position: start ].
	aStream position: longestEnd.
	^ longestElement


[1] http://www.iam.unibe.ch/pipermail/moose-dev/2011-July/009365.html
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